Empowering you to choose your path


Our program is a presently a central hub to allow for communication and resources in the community of PA.

Our trauma-informed care is focused on empowering you to make your own decisions. TrueMind Community Reintegration is a peer-run residential hub to transition from instability (e.g. homelessness) into an enriched life. We're not a medical facility, but our campus includes medical doctors, life skills teachers, reiki practitioners, a chiropractor and traditional Chinese medicine workers.

Applicants can:

The goal of the social rehabilitation and reintegration consortium is to provide education, physiomental and medical wellbeing and temporary housing in one location, minimizing stress on the concerned individual and repetitive paperwork. It's currently a committee of providers to collaborate to form a detailed proposal report. We're currently looking for more providers.

Printable proposal (1-page), an invitation to providers.

Current goal

We're searching for providers to join the committee to contribute more comprehensive details to the business plan.