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Frequent Questions

How does a chiropractor help someone get housing?

Maximizing the flow of qi allows for effective thinking. Thinking helps get housing. We take a systems approach to solving problems. Attacking the issue at face-value assures that all things aren't addressed. We address the problem at the root.

How does qigong help someone get housing?

Like the previous question, we take a systems approach to solving problems. Nothing is cut-and-dry, we're more sensitive than that.

Why is detoxification necessary to solve life problems?

Toxins and blockages in flow of qi prevent clear thought. Faulty or devious thinking is the root-cause of most problems. We know the human body, and actually the human race, is a bioelectrical circuit of qi. We know in order to maximize the efficiency of the circuit, we have to minimize bottlenecks in the system. Toxins cause changes to thought, causing faulty decision-making. That's a bottleneck, we encourage our students to eliminate them.

How does getting an education help with getting housing?

We're a wrap-around program, we address problems at their roots. If we were doctors, we would treat the cause and not the symptom. The cause is most likely not knowing what resources are available, not knowing what really matters in life, not knowing how to get the housing you need, not having any organized way of keeping track of your thoughts, etc. This is what we're for, we're here to help you solve your life holistically so you can overcome the problem that results from not knowing how to approach these things.

Physical limitations are the most difficult to solve, but we'll do our best. We have physical therapists here who will work with you on that.

We take a systematic appraoach to helping people. We will do what's best for our students regardless of how it profits the industry. We swear an oath to never take advantage of our students.