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Resilience is your ability to rebound into a sound mind after aggravation. Your ability to adapt to difficulty is being resilient. Elastic regains shape after being stretched, this is analogous to resilient discipline.

Etymology from Merriam Webster:

A term that means to jump back. Latin present participle resilire is to recoil. Re is to repeat, and salir is to leap.

Resilient from Research Gate

Resilience starts as a way of thinking to bypass the damaging effects of illness and to make a permanent and lasting recovery, resulting in a thriving. They see it the same as we do, capability to adapt to change in the face of difficulty.

Resilient from Annual Reviews

It says about the same thing as the previous example. Much like Science Magazine, March 2018, page 970, it focuses on the way societies deal with natural disasters.

Resiliency as therapy

Beware, there are misleading definitions out there. Department of Health's definition of resilience can throw people off from the true definition. It's important to know the true definition so you know resilience is independent of reliance on a company, reliance on income or drugs. It relies on you and only you. What you do to remain resilient is your golden nugget that nobody can disqualify you from. See for ways of becoming resilient.

A therapy would be a quick thing you can do every day that won't damage your succession in life. For instance, it wouldn't be a good stress in life to turn your house into a landfill, that would be detrimental to finding anything. A good therapy would be to go to bed early and wake up early, then take a freezing cold shower in the morning, and one at night. The response to stress is what you're training, not the impossibility of stopping the stress, which would be the living in a landfill example. A cold shower is brief, maybe 10 minutes in the morning and 10 in the evening. The stress enters every cell physically twice a day, and release from all cells immediately afterwards.