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Courses empower students to care for themselves in mind, body and spirit. Our multitalented neuropsychologist designs courses, working with each unique individual, to develop a mindset to succeed in life. Since mindset is a bioelectric (or energetic) property of a living body, the following lifestyle adaptations promote a healthful willpower.

The important thing is mindset, that's why most of the course is spent on it. The teachings of successful finances make more of an impact when a balanced mindset is achieved.

Class material

For both providers and students:


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving — quote by Albert Einstein. Being adaptive to all situations is a practice. Balance involves understanding how the energies of activities are relative to one another, Yin and Yang. For an example of balancing the two, consider your career. Let's say your occupation is graphic design. Balance that part-time with another job that involves a different mindset, energy level and dexterity.

Aggressiveness is Yang. Calm is Yin. Perhaps you can insert some of the aggressiveness into a martial art or a backpacking expedition. All energies have their place. When all is exerted in its proper place, inner peace is achieved. Yin and Yang are compared to action and opposite reaction. It's also compared to an action in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

Qigong exercises: Tai Chi, Falun Gong and Kundalini

Qigong practices benefit you spiritually, strengthening your focus and mindset. Qi is Japanese for the energy which flows through the body, or bioelectricity. Gong is cultivation of. Therefore, it's the cultivation of your bioelectricity. Qigong practices work with your mental power to control your body and improve strength, focus, stamina and balance.

Tai Chi Chuan:Taijiquan is one of the most gentle. It has proven to treat a large range of diseases that we won't dare to give any energy to. The art of healing with energy techniques is to focus all your power on abundance rather than disease, which is blockage of energy.

Kundalini, according to Merriam Webster: the yogic life force that is held to lie coiled at the base of the spine until it is aroused and sent to the head to trigger enlightenment. It's an ancient practice of attaining perfection of the spirit.

Feng Shui

The life skill of organizing your belongings is included in Feng Shui, the science of the interaction between aesthetics and your flow of energy. It contributes to relaxation, positive thinking and comfort. There's a lot more to it than arranging furniture and choosing the right colors; it has to do with flow of human bioelectricity.

Chinese Philosophy of Regeneration

There are colors of beans and other foods that correspond to different organs of the body. The philosophy doesn't work so well with processed foods. It was designed in times when food was a lot more advanced in an era when people lived by the laws of bioelectricity. Colors of foods correspond to different organs. Eating this way can promote thriving disease-free.

Holistic lifestyle

A holistic lifestyle is a combination of a number of traditional medicines, based on the positive promotion of thriving rather than the more negative defining of diseases and giving them your mental power. Your bodily health is a parallel to your mental wellbeing. The Qigong regimen of the combination of Taijiquan, kundalini and the philosophy of regeneration takes care of the physical and energetic aspects of the body. Meditation takes care of mental.

Mozart Effect

The Mozart Effect has been proven to work as long as it's carried out with effort. It's so powerful, the strategy can be used to quit alcoholism or any drug practically overnight. Getting the full effect requires a complete reversal of paradigm from pop culture. The technique is practiced with results so much among higher society, it doesn't need a scientific explanation to be convincing. It seems to push the internal symphony toward balance.

All instrumental music from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic time-periods have the ability to tap into biorhythms more effectively than most instrumental music composed today. They stimulate the rhythms of higher learning. Your body has many rhythms within it, and internal symphony. For instance, the most obvious of biorhythms is rock and roll. It's the color red. The rock beat exercises the root chakra, the animal instincts, and The Baroque, classical and Romantic instrumental music targets more of the heart, throat, pineal and crown chakras, but are less obvious in today's rock and roll culture. You can see plainly, then, why the term higher culture gets its name.

The music is like a clear vision

Let your mind become the piano notes. Let the oboes, clarinets and violins soothe, soften, reaffirm and strengthen the notes you have become. Sense how, when the music enters, how it presses an extra sense into your brain. Like an affirmation, they will guide your thoughts all the day long.

Research has shown that animals are smarter when listening to Beethoven and Mozart's music involving piano. That proves it, not only in humans, but in all intelligent life! Here's an article on a more scientific account of this phenomenon:

Financial and career success

Financial success is having multiple streams of income, time management and limitation on spending. We teach the importance of the financial cushion. We use the analogy of a boat on the sea.

"The First Secret of Success Is Showing Up."
— Rosabeth Moss Kanter

financial cushion