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Falun Dafa / Gong transformative practice

Falun Gong explains further about the spiral of Yin and Yang, notably seen in time-lapse photography of sprouting sunflowers. Life grows in a spiral, the universe and everything in it spins in a spiral. That's the flow of energy within the body, we call bioelectricity, the Chinese call it chi and the Japanese, qi. The practice is done by charging the hands by any means, and gracefully flowing them along the river of your Biophoton Field, or aura. These movements must be like water. There's a form of this that doesn't involve motion too, which is often practiced in prayer. This exercise fits in with a busy work schedule because it can be done in five minutes.

Falun Dafa helps to

If you want to do a more economical 5-minute exercise, we find these to be most effective. Do each movement for a minute:

  1. Sun Salutation - repeat for a few minutes if possible
  2. Butterfly Dancing
  3. Carrying the Moon
  4. Lifting the Sky
  5. Cosmic Shower
qi flow


Falun Dafa without careful visualization is exercise only.

Manipulating your own qi

Strengthening qi of others
(not in the class, extracurricular only)

  1. This technique is so advanced, we cannot describe it accurately in words. The first step is the know all things are possible.
  2. The next step is to not be afraid ever again.
  3. The third step is multi-dimensionally religious. Note all religions aren't equal. Be wise in which parts of which religions you add to your reality.
  4. The final stage took me 34 years, it's a transformation and renewal of the spirit. Most people never reach this stage.