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Strengthen your body:

The metabolic process starts in the mouth. If a substance doesn't pass through the metabolism, it's a poison, either slight or severe in nature. Injections and pills don;t pass through the complete metabolism.

Avoid the wrong foods

The was a patient in a hospita, who choked to death after eating a brownie. No further details about the incident are available. That's a red flag, food given during a hospital stay must be systematically designed for what that patient is going through.

Good recovery regimen

Keep a coffeemaker at the place of recovery for tea only. Keep it full of herbal tea, such as blueberry or lemon. Avoid caffinated teas such as green or black. Offer lemon and honey to help detoxify the liver.

pesticideLook at this apple pictured to the right. The skin has been removed. The pesticide carries a red dye to the core. These carry endocrine disruptors. You cannot avoid them, but you can detoxify continually to minimize the damage they can do.