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Because what most people coin as mental illness involves the brain, a proper understanding of how the brain functions is a necessity before doing any work in the field. When we have a video along with our lessons, we try to get one by Dr. Robert M. Sapolsky.

  1. Behavioral Biology
  2. Dr Robert Sapolsky Describes Depression and Psychiatry
  3. General Introduction to the Brain
  4. Limbic System
  5. Moving Forward
  6. Neuroanatomy Overview
  7. Orbital frontal cortex
  8. Prefrontal cortex
  9. Reticular System
  10. Hydrocephalus (water on the brain)
  11. Stress
  12. PTSD
  13. Mental Illness is Neurological, Biological or Chronobiological
  14. Gut Function and the Brain
  15. TBI
  16. Ascend or Descend Into Psychosis
  17. Rewiring the Brain with Thought