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Be resilient like rubber

Rubber regains shape after being manipulated. It doesn't rely on some corporation to regain shape, it does it itself. The same principle can be applied to the human.

Your body is your vehicle to success, it's your Lamborghini. You have to be able to move quickly, jump within a nanosecond to avoid an explosion, run to safety when attacked, do handsprings to avoid the shock of crashing your bike, block an attack, disable an attacker, etc. Your agility and flexibility is your survival, your ability and enjoyment of life.

Financial and career success

Financial success is having multiple streams of income, time management and limitation on spending. We teach the importance of the financial cushion. We use the analogy of a boat on the sea.

"The First Secret of Success Is Showing Up."
— Rosabeth Moss Kanter

financial cushion

15 Life Lessons

Making a successful presentation in any social encounter

  1. State the point of the presentation, the end goal.
  2. List 3 points, why should the audience listen to you?
  3. Link emotion to it. E.g. My product will empower you to... is behind the scenes, something like "What would you like to build today?" is your presented introduction.
  4. The conclusion is the promised land of your presentation, what are you promising?
  5. Then tell your story, e.g. 'how will this change come about?'
    • What if the audience doesn't change?
    • What obstacles are there?
  6. Structure, state why it's a good idea.
    • Don't waste their intention.
    • If you're leading your audience to a new idea, finish the point.
    • Use examples.
  7. Communication technologies, what are the technologies your audience prefers?
    • Do you think your audience prefers one way of saying stuff over another? The way you determine this is if they're right-brained or left.
    • What are they thinking before your speech, then after? What are they doing before, then after your speech? What do they feel before, then after?
  8. Emotion & trust, make a connection. Consider paradigm, view of their world. How will they decide? A brain decides subconsciously 7 seconds before it does consciously.
  9. Data will bore the audience if too much, keep it to a minimum. Side-post it, stick to your agenda. Respect your audience's attention.

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